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Long Live Your Link Strategy

I couldn’t help but to summarize the whiteboard Friday on SEOMOZ hosted by Cyrus Shepherd. The video series, usually hosted by Rhand Fishkin, is a free lecture style (whiteboard) discussion about trending topics in SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media. This particular post was about link building and Future Proofing your link strategies. The mission of SEO Link Building is to create a natural link profile that will help drive traffic to your site now and in the future.

Some of the key takeaways include:

There is no bad way to build links: You can spend the entire afternoon commenting on blog posts that are specific to your industry. Don’t let this be the only for of link building that you are working on. Don’t link to your website, link to a resource or asset for the customer and make sure that you vary the anchor text.
Scaling a link building strategy that creates a pattern will hurt you. Scaling a link strategy is a sure way to have your links devalued. There is nothing more identifable then a link strategy that has been scaled and abused. (Cue the prison alarms while Zombies enter your safe home compound).
There is a way to create a natural profile without asking for links. Don’t write ask a link for a link……I’ve started ignoring these e-mails for several reasons. The main reason that the website in which I am being offered a link won’t grow in value over time if they keep adding links to it. Why would I want to be there?
Keep away from exact match anchor text. Does exact match anchor text work? Sure it does. Just like alcohol, cigarettes, Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies, and snow. It will ruin your day if not monitored and taken in moderation.

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Rich Mastriani is an SEO Expert who has shifted his focus from old school SEO techniques to Content Marketing and Relationship Building. Follow Rich Mastriani on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google +.

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